11-Year-Old Boy Sickeningly Murdered By Envious Peers

11 Year Old Boy Sickeningly Murdered By Envious Peers

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Russian investigators announced on Saturday that Albert Umbetyarov had been found trapped in a shed in the woods in the Dubovaya Roschcha neighborhood of Moscow following an argument on Friday.

The youth was doused in gasoline and thrown in a shed before being set on fire. The attackers were allegedly ‘envious’ of the young judo star, who was just 11 years old. Girls as young as 13 watched the assailants and live-streamed the crime.

One witness to the murder said the attacking boys used bats to beat Albert nearly unconscious, then soaked him with gas, pushed him into a shed, and set it on fire. Another witness said the victim had his knees beaten so he couldn’t walk or run. Witnesses also say that the attackers nailed the door shut.

As the older kids attacked Albert, one of the boys in the group rushed away.

It was then reported that younger children, aged six and seven, who were playing nearby, ran to adults for assistance.

They attacked him because they were jealous of his athletic success, according to a friend of Albert.

That friend’s father, Alexey, claimed that his son left before the incident and returned after finishing his lunch. The father recalled his son calling him sobbing around 7 o’clock, saying his friend died in a shed fire. He witnessed the fire firsthand, and there was no saving him.

He stated that men had tried to use shovels to break through the flames to rescue the youngster, but they had been unable.

Judo instructor Alexander Tvanba remarked that the young athlete was “very peaceful” and “wouldn’t offend a fly,” praising Albert for his intelligence and calm demeanor. His work ethic was impeccable, and he rarely encountered problems. He won several tournaments.

The heinous act occurs as news outlets report an alarming increase in juvenile delinquency during Vladimir Putin’s conflict in Ukraine. A “general rise in crime is underway” in Russia, Alexander Bastrykin, the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia, stated this month.

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