29,000 Emails from VP-Biden to His Son and Associates – And Counting

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Since the beginning of the 2020 presidential campaign, adversaries and House GOP investigators have pointed out that Joe Biden has repeatedly claimed to the American people that he knew nothing about his family’s international enterprises.

According to reports, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed by America First Legal has shown that then-Vice President Joe Biden contacted his brother and son more than 29,000 times regarding international business transactions.

In a statement published on X, America First Legal wrote that these devastating figures prove there was never a wall between the Vice President and his son Hunter’s business interests. There was a lot of mixing and mingling among them.

America First Legal shared the main conclusions on Wednesday:

The Freedom of Information Act request to the National Archives revealed that the office of then-Vice President Joe Biden had 19,335 Correspondences with Rosemont Seneca. Joe Biden and Hunter Biden exchanged 4,243 emails.
Joe Biden and Jim Biden exchanged 1,751 emails, and with
Jim Biden’s Lion Hall Group, Joe Biden exchanged 3,738 messages.

A report shows that NARA indicated it would take over 15 months to go through the material sought by AFL. It is unknown what precisely was discussed in the emails.

Even without reading the contents of the emails, it is clear that Joe Biden was deceitful about his lack of participation in the scheme his family has been running to peddle political favors to very wealthy foreign individuals.

Before the 2020 Democrat primary, Biden promised there would be a wall separating personal and private interests and the federal government. Biden said he had never spoken about business with his son or relatives.

During a presidential debate between Trump and Biden in October 2020, then-candidate Joe Biden flatly denied that Hunter was making money off of China.

Emails from Hunter’s lost laptop revealed that the younger Biden had made business agreements with one of China’s leading energy corporations, intending to make a profit for the Biden family.

At the time, the emails were reported on by the New York Post.

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