$36M Wrongful Death Suit Filed in Alabama

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – A wrongful death complaint was filed against the city of Mobile by the relatives of an Alabama man who died after being tased by police officers. Police were attempting to subdue the 36-year-old male when he was zapped with a stun gun. He died on July 2nd, 2023.

According to Jawan Dallas’s family, he was killed because the officers used too much force. Two unidentified police officers and the city of Mobile are listed as defendants in the federal court case for $36 million. At a press conference, attorney Harry Daniels claimed Dallas was punched and tasered numerous times.

According to the district attorney’s announcement in November, a grand jury exonerated the officers of any criminal misconduct. The grand jury also found that Dallas’s drug usage and the altercation with the cops worsened his preexisting medical issues.

The family’s lawyers said that the police’s use of excessive force is shown by the body camera video and that the footage should be made public. According to the complaint, police did not have probable cause to attempt to hold Dallas, and there was no suspicion of criminal activity at the time of the conflict with police.

Following a 911 caller’s description of a “homeless person” in their yard, officers went to a probable burglary call at a mobile home park and approached Dallas. As the police closed up on Dallas and another man in the yard of the residence, the complaint stated that an officer ordered Dallas to exit the vehicle and provide identification. The complaint said that Dallas had informed the cops that they were infringing upon his rights and that he had even tried to leave on foot before one of them attacked him.

The complaint accuses the police chief of lying at a news conference to justify the questioning of Dallas.

At a presser on December 11, Mobile public safety executive director Robert Lasky addressed the Dallas family lawyers. Lasky said the city believes it serves a public interest to disclose the 911 call and the dispatch of two police officers on July 2nd because the attorney’s assertions are inciteful and untrue. The audio and transcripts are here.

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