66% of U.S. Adults Oppose Transgender Girls Competing in Female Sports

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – A majority of American adults don’t support transgender athletes competing on girls’ sports teams. Two-thirds of adults say that it should never be permitted or only in rare cases, according to a new survey performed by the LA Times.

The survey asked respondents their opinions on whether trans athletes of both sexes should be permitted to participate in sports leagues that are representative of their preferred gender instead of their biological sex. Adults from California were tied with United States adults on the question of trans girls competing against biological girls.

Politically, the topic of trans women in female sports has been a major focus. Lia Thomas, a University of Pennsylvania swimmer, attracted controversy after competing as a male for three years and then transitioning and competing as a woman for the first time, winning an NCAA Division I title.

The controversy intensified after the results revealed that Thomas was sixty-fifth in the male sector but ended up winning first in the female sector. The controversy over this situation is mainly directed toward transwomen and trans girls who were born male and now are competing against biological females, which many have said is unfair.

The results of the survey aren’t much different as many adults did say that it was unfair and that they don’t support transgender athletes playing with biologically female or male athletes.

A group of sixteen girls sued the NCAA, seeking to force a ban on transgender women competing in women’s sports. The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics announced that transgender athletes are banned from competing in women’s sports.

The survey and controversies seem to point in the same direction: the support of transgender women or males competing against those who are biologically female or male is unfair.

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