70% of Gen Zers Are Freelancing or Plan To Freelance in the Future

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Gen Z workers have been on the radar recently due to their changing approach to the job market, with many of them beginning to work for themselves instead of some corporation.

Seventy percent of those in Gen Z are already freelancing, or they plan on freelancing in the future. This year’s Fiverr survey was given to over ten thousand people from around the world to gather these results.

Freelancing is the process of working for yourself, instead of working at a company. More than fifty percent of Gen Zers work full-time hours on freelance projects, according to an Upwork survey of one thousand Gen Zers.

According to Fiverr, the main reasons that people are choosing freelancing are because it gives them financial comfort, allows them to work anywhere, allows them to work on their own business, and can allow them to retire early on.

New York-based freelance writer and music producer Kate Brunotts said, “I think a lot of people my age or graduating are coming into a world, post-pandemic, where it feels like there’s more uncertainty than ever.”

Sophie Reigel, a twenty-three-year-old who graduated from Duke University with a degree in Psychology, has been making about six figures a year from selling used clothing online. She also has been making money by doing personal coaching and public speaking.

She said, “I never considered applying to a job…It seemed like such a foreign thought to me. I don’t even have a resume.”

Harlan Rappaport, a twenty-five-year-old living in New York, said that he chose freelancing because of its flexibility, saying, “Personally, I’ve come to really appreciate the value of my time and having control over it.”

He continued, “People are kind of starting to question the status quo of showing up into the office five days a week for eight hours a day.” Gen Zers are creating financial stability for themselves by branching out into this kind of work lifestyle. For example, Rappaport made fifteen thousand dollars in just one month with his freelancing.

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