Above Average Temperatures To Come Mid-Week?!

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – The United States has seen record-breaking temperatures over the last couple of weeks as an arctic blast has swept across the states. We saw some places reach 30 below zero, while others suffered from snow storms, and many lost power due to the inclement weather.

According to the FOX Forecast Center, the arctic blast is expected to fizzle out through Sunday and we can expect to see some warmer temperatures after that. By Friday, most places in America are expected to see above-average temperatures during this “warmup.”

Craig Herrera, a FOX Weather Meteorologist, elaborated on the change, saying, “We’ve been waiting for the warmer conditions. Here it is next week, all of that cold air gets bottled back up to the north, and we’ll hold on to these nice, steady, warmer temperatures, if you will, for at least a week here on the weekend ahead.”

Although many might not say that these upcoming temperatures are “warm”, they are a huge warmup compared to some of the below-freezing temperatures we’ve been seeing over the past weeks.

Some of the midwest, which has seen temperatures in the teens or even lower, can expect to have temperatures above freezing, which can feel like a huge difference after going through the winter weather and storms they’ve had.

From Sunday to Monday, we can see the United States warming up as places get to above-average temperatures. Places like Kansas City have seen single-digit lows in the past weeks, whereas over the weekend there will be a high of 43 degrees, which can feel like a drastic change compared to the current single-digit temperatures. Some places in the South may even be experiencing spring-like temperatures with the highs beginning in the mid-50s and low 60s.

Throughout the week we can even see places like Florida jump back into their “normal temperatures” as they begin to see 80-degree temperatures by Friday, which again is a jump up after seeing 40-degree weather there for almost two weeks as this arctic blast passed over the United States dropping temperatures left and right.

The warmer weather might not seem “warm” to many of the states, but it’s for sure an increase in temperature compared to some of the record-breaking lows we’ve seen recently.

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