Agreement With Qatar Has Been Reached… In Silence?!

Camera passing through an army camp and training facility in the middle of the desert.

( – The United States has been quietly discussing the potential of continuing to operate the largest military base in the Middle East. They recently had a conversation with Qatar about their relationship, where they may have come to an agreement about the US base in Qatar.

The Al Udeid Air Base is the largest United States military base in the Middle East and is located southwest of Doha. It’s said that it can hold 10,000 United States troops within it making it a huge benefit to the United States. The base was originally put there after the United States had multiple threats from the Middle East and wanted to expand that way.

There has been discussion that the Biden Administration is renewing the deal with Qatar, but no one has come out to say publicly – at least at this time- that the deal was renewed. Many have been looking at Qatar negatively due to them holding Hamas meetings in their facilities. However, Qatar essentially blamed the United States in saying that during the Obama administration, the US asked them to add a Hamas leader office in Qatar.

In the recent war between Israel and Hamas, Qatar has been a middle ground for negotiation, a middleman, similar to Egypt’s position at the moment. However, Qatar has been pushed to expel Hamas and no longer associate with them after the recent events and controversy.

It’s also been interesting to see the Biden Administration leave out details regarding Qatar and the agreements with them. For example, when speaking at a recent event, Biden did not mention Qatar but only other allies like Egypt.

Despite rumors that a consensus has been reached, officials are choosing not to comment on the situation and have not officially mentioned if they are working with Qatar or extending their agreement officially.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin thanked Qatar for their continued investment in the base in a recent message. He also did not confirm the continuing or renewal of the agreement but did say that they both “will formally take steps forward to expand and reinforce our bilateral defense relationship.” He also continued to say that the support from Qatar will aid both the United States and Qatar military forces.

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