AI Robot Resembles Penguin Exploring the Sea

( – A bio-inspired aquatic robot called the Quadrion AUV is a penguin-inspired robot that has begun scaling the sea. This robot mimics the penguin’s graceful swimming in the body of a robot that is made by German underwater technology company EvoLogics.

The operation began with a “PingGuin,” which was an experimental AUV that was followed by Adélie penguin’s locomotion, and thus, the Quadrion was made. This concept dates back almost two decades ago when they came up with the AquaPenguin.

The second-generation Quadrion, which has just been released last month, has been designed for broader applications. It has everything from side-scan sonar to dual HD cameras, which are all illuminated by LED lights.

It can go down to depths of almost five hundred feet and can travel up to eleven miles per hour while keeping a ten-hour charge. The robot also has an object recognition module and a sea navigation package from Nortek called the Nucleus1000. It follows a programmed path while collecting valuable data that it will transmit once it resurfaces.

EvoLogics is getting prepared for production later this year as clients are already looking at this robot.

This robot represents significant leaps in artificial intelligence as well as ways to study and protect our oceans. This can help to bring us closer to understanding what’s in the ocean and how it works. Quadrion is a great representation of how technology can help us understand areas of our world that we don’t quite understand yet.

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