Aid Workers Brace Themselves For Newest U.S. Border Hot Spot

( – Jacqueline Arellano is the director of U.S. programs for Border Kindness, a non-profit migrant relief organization that runs Day Laborer Outreach programs in San Diego. Organizers from the nonprofit will hand out donations in areas where migrants tend to congregate while listening to people and answering their questions.

The border in San Diego, California needs as much attention as possible right now as it is the busiest sector for arrivals through the U.S.-Mexico border. Immigration in general has been a huge topic for many people especially as the elections quickly approach. Many people criticize Biden’s approach to the immigration and border control situation while Donald Trump is pushing for an aggressive crackdown on immigrants if he is elected as president.

The organizers speak with migrants from all over but many of them are from Mexico. Arellano said that when they first started the outreach they would gather at different places such as Home Depot parking lots. Said Arellano, “Within the last couple of years, we’ve seen global migration reflected in the community.”

She explained the situation of many different migrants and spoke on how many of them are in places like San Diego, but have court dates in other states or cities, and they have no idea how they will get there. She explained that the migrant’s connections to ground aid are essential.

“This is being held down by groups of ordinary people, by groups of friends, in large part,” she said, speaking about their organization. “It shouldn’t be like that. It shouldn’t be just groups of friends coming together to plug our fingers in a sinking ship.”

Many volunteers have said that they are doing this because the government has not made any meaningful updates that would help the immigration system and it’s been this way for over three decades.

Dara Lind, the senior fellow at the American Immigration Council, another non-profit organization, said that the immigration court system “hasn’t created sufficient urgency for Congress to fix it. And instead, it’s become a way that presidents of both parties have justified taking aggressive, proactive executive action because someone needs to do something, and Congress isn’t doing its job.”

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