Airbnb Cleaner Dishes: Why He’ll Never Stay in a Short-Term Rental

( – An unnamed property management company gave an Airbnb cleaner a “gross” list of instructions to “cut corners” while cleaning rented rooms. The cleaner said he no longer wants to stay overnight at short-stay rentals as he was horrified by their blatant orders to take the easy way out.

The cleaner, named Jason Shipway, owns his own business called Enhanced Cleaning. He said the Australian cleaning company, whom he refuses to name, emailed him a list telling him not to wash towels or bedding. The organization hoped to save time and money and wanted their cleaning teams to follow their given short-changed strategies.

Shipway was taken aback. The more he read the list, the more dumbfounded he became. He said one of the new procedures was to make bed linens look cleaner by taking them off the bed, turning them inside out or flipping them upside down, and then placing them back onto the bed. This way, the bedsheets will appear to have been washed even when they are not. He was also instructed to use a supplied bottle to spray the bedding to remove some of the wrinkles. Shipway said this made it look like no visitor had slept on the sheets.

The cleaner was informed he must pick up and fold towels that were seemingly unsoiled. Shipway was also told to put dishes back into the cupboards that were not “obviously” unclean. It did not matter if the dishes and other cutlery were in the sink or dishwasher; he was still instructed to put them away. He was also told to clean the floors only where he found prints or dirt.

The owner of Enhanced Cleaning believes these requests are being carried out in many other Airbnbs. He thinks this shrinking from standards is why hotels tend to be doing better than short-term rentals, and that it all comes down to people being greedy. Shipway said it’s “gross and unsettling” to think the next place he stays could follow these same guidelines.

Shipway has reported the list of requests to Airbnb and has declined his cleaning position at the unnamed property management company.

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