ALERT: Massive Ground Beef Recall Announced

( – American Foods Group, LLC, doing business as Green Bay Dressed Beef, LLC, announced a recall of exactly 58,281 pounds of ground beef. The beef is packed in 10-pound tubes or chubs. The list of products and lot codes affected can be found here. The recall was issued because the beef could possibly contain E.coli bacteria. The Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) was immediately contacted when a state public health partner discovered the presence of E.coli in a sample of the beef being tested.

The recalled products were produced on August 14th and the recall was issued on August 15th. The beef was distributed in Ohio, Michigan, and Georgia.

As of September 19th, there have been no reports of illness related to the recalled product. According to the USDA people exposed to E.coli may begin showing symptoms within two to eight days. Symptoms normally include stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea that can at times be bloody, and fever. Symptoms can become severe, and dehydration is a significant concern. Rest and fluids are the normal treatment for this type of infection which will normally clear up on its own within about seven days. Death occurs only in rare cases.

Anyone that has purchased the ground beef in question is being instructed to throw it out or take it back to the original place of purchase to be issued a refund. American Foods Group, LLC has published the phone number 1-800-829-2838 for consumers to call with any questions concerning the recall.

The USDA says the best way to prevent becoming ill from E.coli or other bacteria that exist in raw meat, is to handle the meat safely while preparing and cooking. Always use a meat thermometer to ensure that the meat is cooked thoroughly. The ideal temperature is 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Wash hands, all utensils including cutting boards, and countertops with hot soapy water. When cooking burgers, never use the same plate for cooked burgers that was used for raw patties.

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