Allies Turned Enemy: McCarthy Tells Mace Not to Run Again

( – Republican California Representative Kevin McCarthy may no longer hold the gavel in Congress, but he sure hasn’t forgotten the people who voted him out.

Speaking in a recent interview, McCarthy only had harsh words to say for fellow Republican representative, South Carolina’s Nancy Mace, telling CNN’s Manu Raju that Mace has not “earned the right to get re-elected.”

McCarthy denied that his view was colored by her being one of the few House Republicans that voted to oust him from the speakership. He reasoned that Mace’s “philosophy and the flip-flopping” are the reasons he believes she will not get re-elected next year. The California representative, however, admitted to have been taken aback by the decisions of Mace and the other House Republicans to vote him out.

“They seem to had changed during their time,” McCarthy said, adding that Mace and the others who voted for his removal as Speaker of the House were more concerned about press rather than policy.

The South Carolina senator did not take kindly to the comments, and quickly hit back at McCarthy. In a separate interview on CNN, she accused McCarthy of being a “liar” in his dealings with party mates, and “bitter” over the loss of the speakership.

Mace, along with seven other Republicans – Arizona Representative Andy Biggs, Colorado Representative Ken Buck, Florida Representative Matt Gaetz, Tennessee Representative Tim Burchett, Arizona Representative Eli Crane, Virginia Representative Bob Good, and Montana Representative Matthew M. Rosendale – were the only members of the GOP who voted to take away the gavel from McCarthy.

The coup only succeeded, however, after all Democrats in the House voted with the eight Republicans. The whole process kicked off three weeks of in-fighting among House Republicans, who put forward several nominees, most of whom bowed out just hours after nomination after failing to garner the support needed for a full vote for the speakership. GOP members in the House eventually settled on Louisiana Representative Mike Johnson as Speaker of the House.

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