Another Missing Georgia Inmate Arrested

( – Local and federal officials said early Sunday that they had arrested the third of four inmates who had escaped from a Georgia prison last month. Bibb County law enforcement and the FBI said they arrested 37-year-old drug trafficker Johnifer Dernard Barnwell from a house where they discovered a huge cache of illegal substances.

On the morning of October 16th, prisoners Barnwell (who was in jail on drug charges) and three others escaped via a broken window and a broken fence.

Barnwell had three previous offenses before his Bibb County prison sentence. A criminal marijuana purchase, possession, production, distribution, or sale conviction occurred in January 2005. He was imprisoned for 15 months in Ohio for crack cocaine possession in November 2009. He received a six-year prison term and nine-year probation for aggravated assault and street gang violations in Bibb County in March 2015.

Reports show Oct. 2 was his most recent federal conviction for six counts of narcotics trafficking, including possession of intention to distribute heroin, fentanyl, and methamphetamine.

Chavis Demaryo Stokes (29) and Marc Kerry Anderson (25) have been captured, and police are still searching for Joey Fournier (52).

Fournier, Cynthia Berry’s ex-boyfriend, was also charged with her murder, which occurred in February 2022 in Macon’s Barrington Hall neighborhood.

Local news reports that the subdivision’s neighbors recall Berry’s excitement to purchase her first house. They claim she only resided there for several weeks. Her relatives informed local media that she moved in to escape Fournier. Berry obtained a protection order against Fournier in 2021, but Fournier reportedly strangled her in her new Winchester Place house in early 2022.

Bibb County dispatchers sent a deputy fourteen minutes following the 911 call at the time of the murder. The sheriff’s office reports that the response time was 27 minutes.

Fournier was charged with murder for his ex-girlfriend’s 2022 death before he and the other men fled, according to Georgia news agencies.

The escape-day video shows a blue Dodge Challenger outside the facility hours before the breakout. Someone seemed to tamper with the fence, carrying goods inside the confined room. Authorities suggest they helped the men escape.

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