“Arctic Zombie Virus” Could Be Released by Climate Change?!

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Some scientists have become open with their concern of “arctic zombie viruses” coming from Siberia as the arctic ice thaws.

Scientists are claiming that due to climate change, the arctic permafrost will thaw and in turn, it will release ancient viruses that could potentially be a risk to people if we are exposed to them. The National Geographic says that “permafrost” is a “permanently frozen layer that is below Earth’s surface that can consist of soil, gravel, and sand, which is usually bonded together by ice.”

Jean-Michel Claverieis, a geneticist and emeritus professor at the School of Medicine of Aix-Marseille University, has conducted a lot of research into the “arctic viruses”, which are also called “Methuselah Microbes.” Jean said that in a 2015 report from research on these viruses, they pulled out several viruses and were able to determine that they were around 30,000 years old.

Claverie also said that “it is now clear that a significant proportion of prehistoric viruses can remain infectious for even longer periods of time,” meaning that it very well could still affect us if we get exposed to the viruses.

The Siberian permafrost has been stable and frozen for 400,000 years, but it could begin melting more due to global warming. Claverie said that the thawing of the permafrost can “increase the release and revival of permafrost microbes, including ancient ones from the late Pleistocene.”

A problem that scientists predict is that our immune systems and our bodies have never been exposed to some of these microbes before, and this could make it difficult to protect us from them. Claverie did say that they can “reasonably believe” that modern antibiotics would control many of these viruses, but that in some cases the older bacterium could cause a huge problem for us.

Experts also compared the protocol much to COVID-19 and the time it took to come up with medical responses like vaccines and antivirals to control the spread of it. These older prehistoric visuals could take much more manpower and time to control with the knowledge we have about them.

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