Arizona Lawmaker Speaks Out On Communism

( – Arizona House Speaker and State Representative Ben Toma fled from his home in Romania as a boy due to communism and has recently spoken out saying that many Americans don’t understand communism. Ben Toma has just co-sponsored a new bill that would address this lack of knowledge surrounding the political ideology.

He recently co-sponsored a bill that would require students to spend 45 minutes learning about the spread of “poverty, starvation, migration, systemic lethal violence and suppression of speech” regarding communism. According to the bill, November 7 would be a day of remembrance for victims of communism.

Toma has explained his feelings about communism and how living in that environment shaped him, and now he’s making it a point to share this knowledge with young people who may not understand the effects of the political system.

Toma specifically spoke about a time when the police came to their door to interrogate his father. “It was a long time ago, a very different world. But we were home alone when I was seven, and I was the oldest. And they just waited in the house and room for our parents to get home.” He continued, “And so my mom and dad realized that you know, once that happens more than once… they knew what could happen and what usually did happen, which is that you would disappear or they’d come up with some trumped-up charges and you would end up in prison for a long time, never to be seen again in most cases. And so my parents decided not to risk it and they decided to flee the country.”

This bill and announcement have come after many claimed that Americans have a romanticized view of socialism and communism and that communist ideology is starting to be pushed into schools and textbooks.

Many feel that Americans are not familiar with the history and the events that have occurred as a result of being in a communist-led country. Many people don’t actually know what happens in communism.

The bill is expected to go to the House and Toma is sure that it will pass with a republican majority, however, last week the Democrats voted against it on the House Judiciary Committee.

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