Artificial Intelligence is Helping People Shop and Save Money on Groceries

( – Artificial intelligence has been implemented in the act of grocery shopping, making it easy for people to save money and grocery shop more easily. From smart carts, which make it easy to shop without having to budget or calculate when grocery shopping, to new technology that’s helping people save money.

Grocery stores just started putting out Instacart Caper Carts, which are grocery wagons powered by science that would allow people to save on grocery budgets. The cart is run by software developed by New York developers, and it’s able to put in automatic discount features on people’s grocery bills.

At ShopRite of Hoboken, you can experience the AI-powered shopping cart yourself. Along with the additional savings included on your bill, shoppers will also have a spin-the-wheel feature on their digital screen which allows the shoppers to have a “Wheel of Fortune” type experience that could give shoppers an extra two, five, or ten dollars off.

ShopRite customers who have been shopping with them for a long time can enter their “price plus” membership number on the cart computer to upload digital coupons, look at weekly discounts, and get recommended deals based on their shopping trends.

Many shoppers, including Rachel Burns, have discovered the many savings that they can get on their groceries. “The AI cart is so much better than traditional carts. We always scroll through all of the coupons that we wouldn’t have known about if they weren’t right there on the cart,” she said. “It’s definitely been a money saver.”

Shoppers are starting to choose high-tech carts instead of regular carts due to the money-saving opportunities. This has led to the popularity of the carts overtaking the regular carts and causing a “traffic jam” of customers who are waiting for the high-tech option to become available.

Says Tony Castelli, the ShopRite store manager, “I have lines of customers waiting for one of the carts to become available before they start shopping…They’re so convenient.”

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