Atlanta Introduces New ‘Woke’ Speech Guide

( – Democrats in the city of Atlanta have released a new guide for using more “inclusive” language on Thursday, September 7, which is also a list of sanctioned words that city officials have to use when on the job.

Atlanta Democratic Mayor Andre Dickens announced the 24-page guide, which now includes official definitions for words like “microaggressions,” “gender identity” and other left-wing terms. The guide also tells public officials what terms to not use, such as using gender-neutral words like “Latinx” as opposed to latina or latino.

Dickens said that the guide will help change the culture in Atlanta to be more “welcoming.” While the guide does not legally mandate citizens to use the guide, the mayor nevertheless urged people in Atlanta to use the guide when going about their everyday lives.

Atlanta Chief Equity Officer Candace Stanciel said in a press conference that the guide is important, as language is the first step into “changing mindsets,” which will then change the culture.

Perhaps most notably, the guide also promotes critical race theory, listing it in the guide as an “Equity, Diversity and Inclusion” term. The guide defines it as a theory devoted to analyzing how racism, law and power intersect with one another. It also defines colorblindness by saying that it is inadequate for recognizing institutional or system discrimination.

The guide also advises government officials to practice “cultural humility,” that is to mean, to avoid appropriating the cultures of other groups. It also states that race and gender are merely “social constructs” designed to oppress people who do not conform to societal norms.

Among the other terms listed that the guide says are offensive are “illegal immigrant,” “homosexual,” or “waitress,” due to it being a gendered term. It also condemns “deportation,” arguing that the practice is a form of discrimination that harms immigrants.

The guide says that, because immigrants are criminalized more often than non-immigrants, deportation is often weaponized against them. Furthermore, the guide says that deportation threatens immigrants’ rights to due process, humane treatment when in detention, the right to “family unity” and the right to flee persecution.

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