Autonomous Trash Robot Boat Tackles Water Waste

( – A startup company called Clear Robotics has been tackling waterway waste by using autonomous robot boats. The startup was founded by two university graduates who wanted to automate the task of cleaning up waste from waterways. Clearbot is a robotic vessel that goes through lakes, canals, and harbors using an open bow to collect trash.

They are now expanding their fleet with a new Class Three autonomous marine vessel. The larger robot boat is able to carry five times the amount of storage capacity and has an additional barge, which allows it to stay out collecting trash for longer.

The new vessel is not only able to collect trash, but it can also pull up invasive weeds that have been a problem. It can also be used as surveillance to look into water quality and oil or foam collection and can carry up to four hundred and forty pounds of garbage per hour with a full capacity of over one thousand pounds. Clearbot goes three miles per hour and the battery can last up to eight hours on a single charge.

The company also announced that they added a self-docking system that would allow their vessels to autonomously return to the docking stations with a solar panel charging unit. It features a 1080p camera and has anti-collision smarts to allow for a fully autonomous ride.

The way it collects trash is with a conveyor that will gather the floating debris while a cutter is used to extract the invasive plants. The vessel, when only collecting trash, is able to cover over one hundred thousand square feet in a day’s operation.

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