Aviation Experts Begin to Look Into Deadly Singapore Turbulence

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Passengers on a Singapore Airlines flight had the scare of a lifetime after experiencing extreme turbulence that sent the plane nose diving before they regained control. The experience was traumatic for most and left twenty passengers in the intensive care unit.

Josh Silverstone, a passenger on the airplane, spoke out saying “I arrived back in the airport and I couldn’t stop vomiting. I couldn’t walk, it was pretty bad.” He continued to say that he bought in-flight internet access just to message his mother and tell her he loves her.

There are no clear details on what exactly caused the turbulence that sent the Boeing 777 plane down a six thousand-foot descent. One man on the flight passed away from what is believed to be a heart attack most likely caused by the event.

Aviation investigators arrived in Bangkok to investigate and the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board sent out technical advisors since the incident involved a Boeing plane. Singapore Airlines said that over one hundred passengers who were healthy enough to travel to their desired destination were picked up on a special flight that took them to Singapore’s Changi Airport.

Six crew members and almost eighty passengers stayed in Bangkok where many of them remained in the hospital. Passenger Beverly Mayers was not injured but described the event as “sheer terror.”

Mayers said, “The whole plane was shuddering … great pieces were falling off and dropping on the floor, people getting hit in the head.”

Turbulence is typically associated with storms, but the U.S.-based Association of Flight Attendants said that clear air turbulence is almost undetectable so it’s more dangerous. “One second, you’re cruising smoothly; the next, passengers, crew, and unsecured carts or other items are being thrown around the cabin,” according to the U.S. Association of Flight Attendants.

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