Banned Twitter Account Finds Safe Haven On Threads

Banned Twitter Account Finds Safe Haven On Threads

( – Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta has released a new app called “Threads,” and one banned Twitter user is setting up shop there. Jack Sweeney, a University of Central Florida student, was suspended from Twitter after tracking the real-time location of Elon Musk’s private jet. Now, he has flocked to the rival app Threads.

When questioned by Business Insider, Sweeney said, “I’m honestly hoping Twitter dies. As I am hindered on there, you search for my name, seems I’m search banned.” Supporters of Sweeney argue that this would contradict Musk’s central argument that he acquired Twitter to increase free speech on the platform; however, critics say that Sweeney was essentially doxxing Musk, which could be a considerable safety liability.

Sweeney sends out the locations of celebrity private jets, which are obtained through publicly available data. He even expanded his disclosures to include former president Donald Trump, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and Taylor Swift.

Threads gained over 30 million users within a single day, showing a real threat to the public conversation niche that Twitter currently fills. This is why some in the tech industry have nicknamed Threads the “Twitter killer.”

Musk’s recent rhetoric against Zuckerberg has gotten particularly nasty. “Zuck is a cu*k,” Musk tweeted before proposing a “literal d*ck measuring contest” between the two tech giants. This after the two, according to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White, agreed to a cage fight set in the UFC’s Octagon in Las Vegas, Nevada.

While Meta is the strongest company in the social media market to compete with Twitter primarily because of its size, a gap in its use of artificial intelligence paired with recent layoffs has hindered its full ability. But at the same time, Twitter continues to face advertisers withdrawing due to allegations of impersonation and hate speech on the platform.

Twitter’s problems have also expanded to the logistical abilities of the platform, whether it be Musk having to temporarily limit the number of tweets users can read or the glitchy audio campaign launch of DeSantis.

The continued clash between the tech giants will undoubtedly continue to draw eyes as the battle over social media escalates.

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