Biden Administration Supports Technology Hubs with $500 Million Deal

( – The Biden Administration recently stated that they would be providing over five hundred million dollars in grants for a dozen different technology hubs across the country. Some of these hubs are located in states such as Ohio, Nevada, Florida, and Montana.

The money is said to support the development of quantum computing, lithium batteries, biomanufacturing, computer chips, medicine, and other technologies. The administration as a whole is pushing for more technological innovation across the country. Right now, the main focus is on certain states and cities in the country, such as Seattle, Boston, New York City, and San Francisco, but the additional funding would help to meet the goal of expanding hubs in more areas.

“The reality is there are smart people, great entrepreneurs, and leading-edge research institutions all across the country,” said Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo. She continued, “We’re leaving so much potential on the table if we don’t give them the resources to compete and win in the tech sectors that will define the 21st-century global economy.”

The money that they will provide is coming from the Commerce Department’s Economic Development Administration. Last year, Biden designated over thirty technology hubs and they were pushing for more funding so that they can get additional resources to compete, which this will provide.

Some of the technology hubs that will be receiving funding are the Elevate Quantum Tech Hub in Colorado and New Mexico, Headwaters Hub in Montana, Nevada Tech Hub, iFAB Tech Hub in Illinois, South Florida ClimateReady Tech Hub, and many other hubs across the states.

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