Biden Plans To Hire 2,000 Air Traffic Control Members

( – The Biden Administration is asking for more funding so they can expand their air traffic control team amid “near-miss incidents.”

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has faced a shortage of air traffic controllers and this has led to multiple issues such as delayed flights and changes to the minimum flight requirements. It’s said that at a lot of facilities, workers are working six days a week and pulling overtime due to the shortage of controllers.

The FAA is looking to get $43 million to begin hiring and training for thousands more air traffic controllers. “We need more air traffic controllers and we’re hiring as many as we can,” FAA Administrator Mike Whitaker said.

The FAA has facilities that don’t have working heat or AC, or they have leaking roofs, broken equipment, or old radar equipment. The administration is looking to spend one billion dollars to combat these issues.

There is a sense of urgency behind hiring more staff and also repairing the facilities. This urgency is supported by recent events regarding plane safety, such as Boeing planes with faulty parts, planes catching on fire upon takeoff, and the more recent event where passengers suffered injuries due to technical errors.

Whitaker said that these facilities are old and many of them are well past their life expectancy. He stated that there is “work to be done” here and they are ready to get started with a new budget plan to expand their hiring and get more controllers there.

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