Biden Reportedly Caught In College Favor Swapping

Hypocrisy Scandal BREAKS - Biden Eats His Words!

( – After the Supreme Court ruled 6-2 in Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. v. President and Fellows of Harvard College that affirmative action in college admissions violated the equal protection clause of the fourteenth amendment, President Biden critiqued the ruling saying that “practices like legacy admissions…expand privilege instead of opportunity.”

Despite his stance against legacy admissions, the Washington Free Beacon reported that he used his connections at Ivy League schools to get his granddaughter, Maisy Biden, the child of Hunter Biden, into the University of Pennsylvania (Penn). Penn is known for its selective 5.87% acceptance rate, making it one of the nation’s top fifteen most selective schools for higher education.

In messages between Hunter Biden and then Former Vice President Biden, Joe Biden admitted to conversing with the president of Penn to get Maisy Biden accepted through the regular acceptance period and also to the dean of admissions at Penn to confirm whether Maisy would be accepted.

The strategy worked, and Maisy Biden was accepted into Penn starting in the fall of 2019. It also worked well for Gutmann, who President Biden later nominated to serve as the United States ambassador to Germany.

Gutmann was confirmed to the position in a vote of 54-42 in the Senate. Only six Republicans voted in favor of her nomination– Sen. Blunt from Missouri, Sen. Collins from Maine, Sen. Graham from South Carolina, Sen. Kennedy from Louisiana, Sen. Romney from Utah, and Sen. Toomey from Pennsylvania.

Revelation of this influence over Penn by Hunter and Joe Biden comes as congressional Republicans probe potential ethical misconduct in the Biden family. Chairman James Comer stated, “Evidence obtained by Committee Republicans reveals Joe Biden lied to the American people…Oversight Committee Republicans will continue pressing for answers…”

The committee will focus on domestic and international business dealings to determine whether there was potential influence peddling that compromised U.S. national security or impaired the ability of President Biden’s impartiality.

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