Biden’s Own Staff is Calling Him Out for Misinformation

( – According to a document acquired by Axios, a group of State Department employees have accused President Joe Biden of spreading disinformation in his response to the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Without referring to a particular instance, the document mentions Biden’s Oct. 10 address in which he talked about Hamas’ brutal terrorist assault on Israel as an example of the misinformation.

One hundred State Department and USAID workers signed the document, which was coordinated by a junior staffer who had previously claimed that Biden’s support for Israel rendered him complicit in genocide.

In his address, Biden said that the Hamas attack, in which more than 1,000 civilians were slaughtered, was pure wickedness. At least 14 Americans were murdered. Parents were murdered as they protected their children. Horror stories were heard of newborns and entire families slain. Young people were massacred during the peace music festival, and women were paraded as trophies, raped, and abused.

The memo advised the Biden administration to press Hamas and Israel to free captives. The employees believe the president should question Israel’s reaction to Hamas’ onslaught and called Biden out for questioning Gaza’s civilian deaths.

Other reports indicate critics of President Biden and his administration say they are too sympathetic to Israel.

Earlier on November 6th, a set of State Department employees denounced Biden for his support of Israel and urged the president to declare a ceasefire. There is concern among some members of the president’s party that Biden’s support for Israel would cause him to lose the support of young Democrats.

A representative for the State agency responded to the latest letter by telling the media that they realize and respect that people working in this agency have different opinions regarding what US policy should be.

Some young Democrats feel betrayed by President Biden, and they are threatening to not vote for him in the 2024 election because he supports Israel. If Biden keeps supporting Israel strongly, he risks alienating young Democrats like the far-left activist Sunrise Movement’s Michele Weindling, who supported his 2020 presidential candidacy.

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