Board of Education Votes to Restrict “Sexually Explicit” Books

( – A new achievement has been reached by the Board of Education after there was a unanimous vote over banning “sexually explicit” books from schools. The Board of Education ruling happened in Maryland and has resulted in the airing of varying opinions. A parental rights leader recently came out saying that she was ecstatic after hearing the vote against these books in their schools.

Moms of Liberty is a parental rights organization that has pushed tirelessly to remove sexually explicit books from their schools, among other things. President Kit Hart, who is president of the Moms of Liberty group, spoke out saying that this decision proves that parental rights in schools is not a political issue.

“We really want to highlight that there is a distinction between adults and children that as a society we need to work very hard to maintain and this is a step in the right direction in solidifying that distinction,” Hart said.

Hart said that “the entire idea of parental rights is an idea that all parents can agree with.”

In regards to what the policy deems as sexually explicit: “sexually explicit content is defined as unambiguously describing, depicting, showing, or writing about sex or sex acts in a detailed or graphic manner.” Hart even continued to say that if parents had a problem with the books being too explicit they had to “work through a difficult process” in order to reach a solution.

Steve Whisler, who is a Board of Education Member, spoke out saying that he “just frankly cannot understand how some people can defend this.”

Some parents indeed did go against the ruling as they felt that some of the pieces of literature under this category were classic pieces that should be read in school and that students are missing out on important literary works if they are banned from being accessible.

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