Boeing Production Cap Extended Amid Regulator Checks

( – Boeing continues to face safety checks and limits on how many planes they can manufacture after the U.S. aviation regulators called on them to transform their quality control.

The Federal Aviation Administration held a three-hour meeting with Boeing executives where they outlined their plan to resolve the problems with safety and quality control.

Boeing has been under substantial pressure following multiple safety issues that gained the attention of the public, most noticeably when a door plug flew out of an Alaskan Airlines Boeing 737 Max 9. This forced the airplane to make an emergency landing and prompted the FAA to temporarily ground all Boeing plane flights with that model.

The regulator quickly began overseeing the operations of the company and gave the company a ninety-day goal for new safety measures they would be implementing. They said they would hold weekly meetings with Boeing to review their performance metrics.

The Federal Aviation Administration also said that they would like more safety inspectors to be sent to both Boeing and Spirit AeroSystems facilities.

Mike Whitaker, the FAA Administration, said they would continue “its enhanced oversight of Boeing and its suppliers and hold the company accountable every step of the way.”

“Systemic change isn’t easy but in this case is absolutely necessary, and the work is never really done when it comes to the safety of the flying public,” he continued.

The cap on Boeing manufacturing has cost the company a lot as the Boeing financial officer stated that the company would not make any profits for this year due to the limitations.

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