Border Crisis Results in Impeachment Proceedings

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( – Border control has been an issue for the Southwest border for over a year now and the United States has waited for a solution from Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas.

Recently, the House committee spoke about impeachment proceedings for Mayorkas because of the way he is handling the border crisis. A committee spokesperson said, “the House Committee on Homeland Security has conducted a comprehensive investigation into Secretary Mayorkas’ handling of the Southwest border crisis.”

They continued to say that they will have hearings throughout the next few weeks. This is a response expected after Biden’s immigration practices and policies are being scrutinized and called out.

A committee spokesperson said that they would do their part to make sure the “public is aware of the scope of Secretary Mayorkas’ egregious misconduct and refusal to enforce the law” while also getting things done quickly.

A DHS spokesperson responded by saying, “There is no valid basis to impeach Secretary Mayorkas” and saying that this is a distraction from the border crisis at hand.

Mayorkas responded essentially by saying that the reason for his supposed lack of effort is that his team is lacking in the proper funds “to perform our jobs as fully and completely as we could.”

He has been quite vocal about his thoughts and stance on this situation. “We need additional personnel to advance our security at the border. We need technology to advance our fight against fentanyl. We need additional asylum officers to really accelerate the asylum adjudication process,” he said.

Republicans in the House have been pushing for the impeachment of Secretary of Homeland Security Mayorkas for some time now after his lack of control over the border and his overall response to the crisis.

As the hearings begin in the coming weeks, we are expected to gather more information about the decisions and behaviors of Mayorkas that many allege led to the crisis we are facing today.

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