Boss Fired Tiktok Exec Because “Women Should Be Quiet”

( – A former marketing executive for TikTok is filing a lawsuit because she was fired by her boss for lacking “the docility and meekness specifically required of female employees.”

Katie Rissio Puris, a former Tiktok marketer, was fired last year from her role as Tiktok’s head of global brand and creative. She filed a lawsuit on discrimination in response on Thursday in Manhattan’s court. She stated that the company subjected her to criticism that her male colleagues didn’t deal with and also because of their failure to properly address a sexual assault claim.

The complaint read, “At every step, Ms. Puris reported the discriminatory treatment and sexual harassment she faced — to her managers, Human Resources and Employee Relations — and the Company, taking its directives from the office in China, failed to take any corrective action.”

She stated that the reason Zhang supposedly fired her was because he was “displeased with the way she led her presentations” saying that she “celebrated her team’s successes and achievements, which he felt was inappropriate because he believes that women should always remain humble and express modesty.”

The lawsuit stated that “Essentially, Lidong Zhang believes women should be quiet.”

Puris spoke out about many instances with the company such as the fact that she wasn’t allowed to speak during bi-monthly meetings, whereas her male counterparts could. She also stated that the company had a “996” rule which meant that employees had to be at the office from 9 am to 9 pm 6 days a week.

The lawsuit stated that Puris even sustained health issues in relation to her consistently trying to prove herself, which included ulcers, IBS, and migraines. Puris also spoke about a sexual assault case she brought up to her superiors that was not taken seriously. Puris said that the company fired her after she spoke up about the company not taking her sexual assault case seriously.

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