Britain Expands Their AI Safety Institute into San Francisco

( – The British government has announced that they are moving their facility for testing “frontier” artificial intelligence into the United States. The goal here is to further its image as a top global player in artificial intelligence and tackle the risks associated with technology.

The government announced early this week that it would open a U.S. counterpart to its AI Safety Summit, which would be focused on testing advanced AI systems. This “represents British leadership in AI in action,” according to U.K. Technology Minister Michelle Donelan

The statement read, “It is a pivotal moment in the U.K.’s ability to study both the risks and potential of AI from a global lens, strengthening our partnership with the U.S. and paving the way for other countries to tap into our expertise as we continue to lead the world on AI safety.”

The U.K. would be able to tap into the wealth of technology talent in the Bay Area and the United States thanks to this expansion. It says that this would also allow them to “cement relationships with the United States to advance AI safety for the public interest.”

The AI Safety Institute was brought up during the AI Safety Summit, and it sought to boost cross-border cooperation in regard to AI safety. The government said that they have been evaluating frontier AI models and have found that some completed cybersecurity challenges while others did not.

They spoke of the advancements that artificial intelligence models go through after they’ve been tested. They claimed that they have tested models from top contenders such as OpenAI and DeepMind. The process continues as they test AI systems and continue to expand to the States.

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