British Foreign Secretary Discusses Ukraine-Russian Peace Deal

( – British Foreign Secretary David Cameron talked with former president Donald Trump about a potential peace deal between Ukraine and Russia.

Cameron met up with Trump at his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida to talk about the newest aid agreement sent to Ukraine and to talk about Trump’s best conditions to secure a deal with Russia.

A source stated that Camron said, “What are the best conditions in which you as president can make a deal in January? It’s both sides holding their lines and paying a price for that.” A spokesperson for the U.K. Prime Minister said that Britain’s position “hasn’t changed” and that “Putin must fail.”

“It is crucial, now more than ever in this conflict, that Putin is sent a very clear message that we will support Ukraine for as long as is necessary,” the source said. “I’ve seen some anonymous source briefing. We do not recognize those reports.”

“Investment in Ukraine’s security is an investment in our security. Our NATO allies are already worried about the prospect of if Putin succeeds, that they’ll be next – with all the consequences that would bring,” Prime Minister Sunak said.

Cameron said that, at the meeting, they discussed a “range of important geopolitical” subjects and agreed that a victory for Ukraine was “vital for American and European security.”

Trump’s campaign said that the meeting was held to discuss “several issues impacting both countries,” which included subjects like the upcoming elections, Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, the need for NATO allies, and many more topics including the push for a Ukrainian victory.

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