British Journalists Take Top American Jobs

( – There has been a growing concern mostly from American media regarding the amount of American media jobs being taken by British journalists.

Many media outlets and journalists have been complaining about the addition of the British into the American industry. In particular, there has been controversy following the addition of a British executive, who now runs the Washington Post. Many of these journalists and other workers for the media company are not fond of their new boss.

Sir William Lewis, a previous publisher of the Wall Street Journal, is now the executive of The Post, which has been experiencing tough times and is dealing with drops in revenue and readership. He continued to throw changes into the loop by stating that Sally Buzbee, who was the executive editor, would no longer be working with them and instead, they would bring in a new editor.

“I did whatever I could to preserve journalistic integrity. I took a view very early on that I’m never going to talk about it.,” Lewis said.

Many people have spoken out against the new CEO of the company and have stated that he is not a good fit in the journalism industry.

“He seems to know squat about how to talk to reporters — especially considering his long tenure as a top reporter and editor in England before moving over to the business side,” says Politico’s Jack Shafer.

After the election, the Washington Post will have a new editor who is also British. It’s said that Robert Winnett, the editor at the Telegraph Media Group and who’s said to have worked with Lewis previously, will be the new editor

There are theories on why the British have embedded themselves into American journalism. One of these theories is that these workers tend to be paid less in their own country than in America.

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