British SPY Looking Into China’s Secrets?!

Three guards are in the security room. They sit at work stations with large monitors that display real-time video images from security cameras. The guards are ready for any eventuality.

( – China recently stated that they have uncovered a British spy who was accused of passing along secrets back to their country. The Ministry of State Security said that they discovered that a foreign spy had been giving information to the United Kingdom’s M16 intelligence service.

The British foreign intelligence service did admit that they had an “intelligence cooperative relationship” with Huang, the person in question.

They stated that Huang led an overseas consulting agency and that British foreign intelligence services had established a relationship with him in 2015.

The finding of the spy was announced on the Chinese Spy Agency’s WeChat social media account stating that they had discovered that M16 was using foreigner Huang Moumou to act as a spy and collect information.

The ministry stated, “After careful investigation, the state security organs promptly discovered evidence of Huang’s involvement in espionage activities, and took criminal coercive measures against him.” This essentially states that after their investigation, they found that Huang was a spy and involved in spy activities.

Beijing and London have had multiple accounts of accusations recently and this one is hefty. Beijing stated that M16 told Huhang to come to China on multiple accounts and to use his identity to collect and report China-related intelligence. The British intelligence service even provided the required equipment and trained Huang to spy successfully.

Huang gave up 17 different pieces of intelligence to M16 before he was identified as a spy. No other details of Huang, their identity, place of work, gender, or age were revealed in the statement.

China has been raiding and arresting many different people over the last months that were associated with espionage work and China has also encouraged their citizens to be on the lookout for any espionage and do their part in counter-espionage work.

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