California Residents Are Moving OUT of the State?!

Clearwater, USA - May 29, 2022: Bridge over Tampa Bay, Florida with Uhaul u-haul trailer attached to car vehicle for moving relocation to state on interstate highway road freeway

( – U-Haul publishes its Growth Index Report every single year, which provides insight into where people are moving to and from. The most recent U-Haul Growth Index Report showed that California, for the fourth year in a row, had the most people move out of their state and into another.

John Taylor, U-Haul International President, stated “While one-way transactions in 2023 remained below the record-breaking levels, we continued to see many of the same geographical trends from U-Haul customers moving between states.”

The report also stated that Texas has the most one-way movers coming into their state. Many who are looking at the report say that it “is no surprise” at all. According to reports, California lost 75,000 residents in 2023.

Terry Gilliam is a previous Cali resident who created a Facebook group called “Leaving California” with more than 100,000 members. He says, “All you have to do is look at the continuing move left by California and you can see why middle-class and upper-class taxpayers are leaving.”

He went on to mention the taxes in California by saying, “The gas tax — already the highest in the country — goes up every July 1st. Most utilities just received permission for a double-digit increase in rates, which are already more than double the national average for rates.”

Gilliam lived in California for 25 years before moving to Florida 2 years ago and his Facebook group has grown immensely, thanks to its tips on moving and a list of services to help those who are looking to move out of California.

Texas, on the other hand, has been at the top spot of the U-Haul reports for the state with the highest increase, and it continues to stay that way this year as well. Many claim that Texas has much more opportunity and better bang for their buck.

U-Haul claims that there are more than 2 million one-way U-Haul trips yearly in the United States and Canada.

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