California’s Stray Cat Population is BOOMING?!

( – California has seen an outrageous number of stray cats, particularly in Los Angeles, and experts are looking to control the situation.

They believe that there may be as many cats as there are people in Los Angeles. Nonprofits, advocates, and experts are trying their best to control the cat population and find a solution.

The Citywide Cat Program says that they estimate the stray cat population in Los Angeles is around 960,000. However, other groups and nonprofits have come out saying that this number actually might be closer to 4 million stray cats.

The program’s website has tons of information on it describing their process and what their goals are. Their website reads, “By engaging individuals and community organizations to humanely trap community cats, spay and neuter them, and then return the sterilized cats back to their outdoor homes (where they were found) will reduce the number of unowned, stray cats in our streets and shelters.”

Dr. Alex Crow, who is a veterinary surgeon, spoke out about the possible issues that these stray cats might be causing people. One thing he said is that larger groups of stray cats usually hunt together and they go after small wildlife like birds and smaller animals which can take a huge toll on the wildlife population.

He also mentioned that stray cats have a tendency to carry diseases and this is a huge problem for people because they can carry fleas, ticks, and other diseases that can be transmitted to domesticated cats from people’s homes.

Los Angeles isn’t the only place suffering from a stray cat population surge. In fact, there is an estimate of about 500,000 stray cats in New York. There’s also a city in Turkey that has a huge stray cat population as well.

Crow stated that there has been little help with the cat population and that TNR really hasn’t done much to help them with the population control. Crow, among others, have said that TNR can’t solve this issue by itself.

“A better strategy is carefully removing feral colonies in sensitive wildlife areas, which has led to real declines, according to groups I’ve worked with,” Crow said.

“Large-scale removals are also needed where colonies threaten sensitive habitats. We can better manage this issue with the right balanced approach while still caring for ferals,” he continued.

Dr. Mikel Delgado, an Animal Behaviorist, said that the control of the population might not even be possible. He stated that cats have a high reproductive system and they can actually give birth to 24 kittens a year from the time they are 4 months old.

Many experts are putting their heads together to think of a way to tone down the stray cat population but with not much avail yet, the California cat population is still high.

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