Catholic Priest Fatally Stabbed in Rectory

( – December 10th saw the brutal stabbing murder of a Catholic priest at the church he served.

Father Stephen Gutgsell was stabbed In Fort Calhoun, Nebraska, in the rectory of St. John the Baptist church. He was transported to the hospital, where he succumbed to his wounds. He was 65 years old.

The suspect, a black man from Sioux City, was also discovered inside the church by the police. Police in Sioux City took 43-year-old Kierre L. Williams into custody. At that time, he did not have legal representation. Prosecutors did not comment on what the official charges were.

As reported by local news, The Omaha Archdiocese issued a statement on Father Gutgsell and announced the temporary closure of the church.

The Archdiocese stated that the assault occurred early Sunday morning at St. John the Baptist church in Fort Calhoun, and Father Stephen Gutgsell, a member of the Archdiocese of Omaha, was attacked during the invasion. Father Gutgsell succumbed to his wounds after being transferred to Nebraska Medicine. There are currently no other details available. However, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office is conducting an investigation.

The Omaha World-Herald said that at around 5 a.m., Father Gutgsell called 911 to report an attempted break-in at the rectory. Within minutes, deputies had arrived and discovered Gutgsell bleeding from several knife wounds. The criminal had not yet left the location.

According to local reports, Gutgsell allegedly admitted to stealing $127,000 from a local church in 2007 and pled guilty to theft by deceit. He was fined and given a probationary term in addition to a reparation order. Afterward, he was transferred to another church.

In a different event that occurred in 2021, his brother, the Rev. Michael Gutgsell, similarly admitted guilt to allegations of stealing.

For the time being, authorities have said that they do not suspect that Gutgsell’s criminal past had any role in his death.

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