Charges Against Man Who Found and Kept Cash Dropped

( – Prosecutors in Connecticut last week dropped the charge against a man who kept a bag of cash that he found outside of a bank after he paid it all back, WITX reported.

Robert Withington, 57, discovered a bag containing nearly $5,000 in the parking lot of a Trumbull, Connecticut bank on May 30, and decided to keep it.

The money, which was in a bag bearing the bank’s insignia, belonged to Trumbull’s tax collection office and was inadvertently dropped by a town employee who was taking a large deposit to the bank, according to Trumbull police.

In addition to the cash, the bag also contained deposit slips that made it clear that the money belonged to the town.

According to the Trumbull police, an officer was escorting the employee to the bank but neither noticed that the bag was dropped.

Withington, who was near the bank at the time, grabbed the bag and drove away. In total, he made off with $4,761.

He was later identified through surveillance footage and was arrested on August 25 and charged with third-degree larceny.

But when Withington arrived at Bridgeport Superior Court for a hearing last Wednesday, the state prosecutor informed his attorney that since Withington gave the town a certified check for $4,761, the charge against him was dropped.

Despite returning the money, Withington continues to insist that he did nothing wrong when he took the cash.

In an interview with WITX last Wednesday, Withington blamed the town employee who dropped the bag, suggesting the employee “should be fired for being so irresponsible.”

Describing his arrest as a “big joke,” Withington told WITX that the town wasted his time and “slandered” his name.

Asked why he didn’t simply return the bag to the bank, Withington admitted that the thought never crossed his mind. He said when he found it, he simply picked it up, returned to his car, and “got on with my day.”

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