Charter Schools Taking In HUGE Number of New Students

Daughter talking to mother while standing outside of School

( – The National Alliance For Public Charter Schools, or the NAPCS, said on Thursday that black and Hispanic families have been on the search for Charter schools for their children for better education opportunities.

Senior Vice President of Communications and Marketing of NAPCS, Debbie Veney, said that Charter schools have seen a huge influx in students since 2019. “Particularly, Hispanic families and Black families are really big consumers of charter schools,” Veney said.

NAPCS recently revealed that their charter schools enrolled 10 times the amount of students that district schools had in the previous year. Veney also stated that an earlier study showed that “black parents, low-income parents, and Hispanic parents” reported that their neighborhood schools were not great.

Veney said that “they just didn’t have choices” and that they knew their schools weren’t great, so now they’re looking for better choices.

Charter schools have seen an increase every year in enrolled students. In particular, black and Hispanic student enrollment has both increased since 2019 in Charter schools. Reportedly, Hispanics made up 50% of charter school enrollment growth. The NAPCS says that they have taken in more than 300,000 new students since 2019, while district schools have lost 1.5 million students.

“Charter schools have the flexibility to control a lot of things at the site level that a district public school can control, like extra time on task,” Veney said. She continued to say that Charter schools are flexible and can help students by giving them extra time where needed.

A recent study done at Stanford showed that Charter school students outperformed district school students in both reading and math. Another benefit to Charter schools is that they are open to anyone whereas parents usually have little choice for public schools; they are typically limited to the schools in their area, and sometimes that may be just one school.

Character schools are being challenged though as most district school teachers don’t exactly support them. Just recently, Biden’s Department of Education updated new regulations that make federal grants harder to get for Charter schools, which Veney spoke out against.

“Why would people try to keep people who need access to get education from having it? I would say that it has to be something that is a separate set of interests that are not about kids and not about families,” she said.

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