China is Top Leader When Looking at Generative Artificial Intelligence Patents

( – According to the U.N. World Intellectual Property Agency, China has requested more generative artificial intelligence patents than any other country. More than one-quarter of these inventions mentioned began last year, showing how popular AI is becoming.

This report was set up as the first of its kind, and it’s focused on tracking the number of patent applications being put in and trends in artificial intelligence. At the moment, the report only looks at generative AI and nothing broader, but this does include technologies like autonomous driving or face recognition.

WIPO Director-General Daren Tang said, “WIPO hopes to give everyone a better understanding of where this fast-evolving technology is being developed, and where it is headed.”

Starting in 2014, China patented almost forty thousand generative AI inventions which is six times the amount that came from the United States, which only had six thousand AI inventions. South Korea was in third, Japan in fourth, and India in fifth place.

The WIPO stated that the quantity of patents doesn’t necessarily mean that there is quality. Ultimately it’s hard to tell early in technology which patents would be transformative or have more value in the space. Tang stated, “Let’s see how the data and how the developments unfold over time.”

In 2023, sixty-one machine-learning models came from the United States, the European Union had twenty-one, and China only had fifteen. Both the United States and China have many inventions and investments in generative artificial intelligence.

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