China Refuses White House Military Discussions

China Refuses White House Discussions

( – During Secretary of State Antony Blinkens’ visit to Beijing earlier this week, the United States and China agreed to stabilize relations between the two countries but failed to arrive at any significant breakthroughs, Reuters reported.

On Monday, Secretary Blinken met with Chinese President Xi Jinping, capping off the secretary’s 2-day visit.

The pair held talks in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People where President Xi praised the progress made during Blinken’s visit, saying it was “very good.”

In his remarks at the meeting, President Xi hinted at Beijing’s grievances against the US, saying that interactions between two nations “should always be based on mutual respect and sincerity,” the New York Times reported.

Xi said he hoped that during Secretary Blinken’s visit, he “will make more positive contributions to stabilizing” relations between the US and China.

Afterward, Blinken stressed the need for “direct engagement and sustained communications” at every meeting. He noted that he and his delegation pressed for Beijing to reopen military-to-military communications between China and the US.

But Beijing refused the request, citing the US sanctions against China.

At a press conference before leaving Beijing, Blinken said two objectives were achieved during the trip, namely, trying to establish channels of communication and exploring areas of cooperation.

He told reporters that both sides recognize the need to stabilize relations between the two countries but said it will take time. He added that while progress will not come from one visit or conversation, he expects the US and China to have better communications and engagement moving forward.

During a trip to California on Monday, President Biden was asked if he felt any progress was made during Blinken’s visit. The president said he knows progress was made, adding that Blinken “did a hell of a job.”

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