Chinese EV Causes Huge Threat to American Automakers

( – A Chinese electric vehicle called the Seagull has been a concern for American automakers. The EV is a small, low-priced electric vehicle that was launched last year by Chinese automakers BYD. The car sells for about twelve thousand dollars and although it drives fine, the craftsmanship is the same as American automakers while in America, they charge much more.

Tariffs that are said to be imposed on Chinese electric vehicles will most likely mean that the Seagull won’t make it across the border into the U.S. It’s also said that it most likely wouldn’t sell for twelve thousand dollars here.

With this as a prime example, the rapid emergence of Chinese electric vehicles could be a huge problem for American car manufacturers for multiple reasons.

Sam Fiorani, a vice president at AutoForecast Solutions near Philadelphia said, “Any car company that’s not paying attention to them as a competitor is going to be lost when they hit their market.”

United States politicians and officials already see Chinese electric vehicles as a threat to the country. They have stated their concerns with electric vehicle technology tracking American infrastructure via the sensors and cameras on the car. The Biden administration is looking to impose one hundred percent tariffs on Chinese EVs as they say the vehicles pose a threat to national security.

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, told analysts that Chinese electric vehicles are so good that without some sort of trade barrier they “will pretty much demolish most other car companies in the world.”

Electric vehicles are often quite pricey everywhere else besides China, which is one area where they get the one up. Although electric vehicles are usually aimed at those who make a higher income, Chinese EVs are appealing to a lower-income market.

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