Chinese Military Incursions Move Closer to Taiwan

( – China’s military has moved closer to Taiwan than ever before; they have also staged mock attacks on foreign vessels as they wait for the inauguration of Taiwan’s president, Lai Ching-te, next week.

Months ago the Chinese military sent planes and vessels near Taiwan, staging drills with them as the target. Taiwan expects intensified Chinese military activity during the inauguration of its president.

Just this week fifteen Chinese planes including Su-30 jets crossed the line into Taiwan’s air defense space. According to a senior security official, some of the planes were entering the Southern Taiwan Strait or the Bashi Channel, which is what separates Taiwan and the Philippines.

“They are like flies buzzing us every day,” the official said; they stated that the frequency and flight patterns are changing, becoming grander in scale.

China typically sends out about four vessels at a time near the island, but Taiwan officials have said that Chinese activity has increased and become “more proactive.” Taiwan’s defense ministry has said that they have the situation fully under control.

Defence Ministry spokesman Sun Li-fang said, “The national military is not the troublemaker of the Taiwan Strait. We will not engage in any provocation, and we must make it clear that any provocative behavior is unhelpful to regional peace and stability.”

This has become an ongoing situation as China claims that there is no median line between it and Taiwan as they claim the island as part of their land. Taiwan has been releasing daily reports on the Chinese activity spotted, although they have yet to give many details.

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