Chris Christie Gets Booed On Stage

Chris Christie Gets Booed On Stage

( – Former Governor of New Jersey and 2024 Republican candidate Chris Christie was recently booed during his appearance at the annual Faith and Freedom Coalition conference. Christie decided to claim that Donald Trump had “let us down” in reference to the Republican demographic, which immediately prompted heavy booing from the attending audience.

Christie didn’t seem to mind the heckling, telling the audience they could boo him as much as they wanted. Christie’s comments aren’t all that surprising to many, given how he’s used his campaign to openly criticize Donald Trump at every opportunity.

One such instance of Christie using his platform to focus on Donald Trump occurred on Fox. Christie mocked Trump for being “too busy” to sort the classified documents he allegedly mishandled. Christie pointed out how Trump was known to play golf during his time in office and mentioned that perhaps Trump should’ve spent less time on the course and more time sorting the documents within his possession.

Despite Christie’s comments, Trump is still the most popular Republican candidate featured in various polls, with Christie being one of the least popular candidates running for office. Christie even features the lowest approval rating of any New Jersey Governor in over twenty years, a statistic that the GOP hopeful has been notably quiet about.

Although many candidates have been openly critical of Donald Trump, he still consistently tops polling amongst the various GOP candidates. One such poll featured Donald Trump remaining in the lead, despite his ongoing federal and state-level criminal cases. Trump has already decided to plead not guilty in his federal lawsuit and is set to appear for trial later this year, although that appearance will likely be pushed back. Trump has already stated that even if he is convicted and sent to federal prison, he will not drop out of the 2024 presidential election.

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