Chris Christie Opposes Biden Impeachment Inquiry

( – Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, now a candidate in the 2024 Republican presidential primary, voiced his opposition to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s endorsement of an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

The move to go ahead with an impeachment inquiry follows a lengthy investigation by the House Oversight Committee into the Biden family’s business dealings, which McCarthy said recently has revealed a “culture of corruption.”

Christie made his opposition known on the show Morning Joe on Tuesday, September 12, where the former governor also discussed a broad array of other topics. Christie opposed the impeachment inquiry, saying that there should first be a “thorough investigation” from Congress as well as Special Counsel David Weiss, who according to Christie, could afford to reestablish his credibility after he offered Hunter Biden a plea deal with likely no jail time.

Christie said that Republicans run a risk of “cheapening” the impeachment process with an impeachment inquiry into Biden. According to the former governor, Republicans would be stooping down to the level of Democrats who impeached former President Donald Trump over an allegedly incriminating phone call he had with Ukrainian officials. For Christie, there was little evidence for impeachment then, and little evidence for impeachment now.

However, other Republicans have said that Republicans should stop playing by the rules due to Democrats’ insistence on using impeachment as a partisan tool.

The news comes as Speaker McCarthy plans to fully endorse an impeachment inquiry, which may well result in the entire House of Representatives voting to impeach Biden. Only a simple majority of House members is required to impeach a president. However, once a president is impeached, he must stand trial in the Senate, and two thirds (67 senators) must vote to convict him.

If Biden is convicted in an impeachment trial, he will be removed from office, and Vice President Kamala Harris will take his place. Furthermore, Biden will be legally forbidden from holding any other public office from that point onward.

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