Citi Bank Employees Given Ultimatum: Return to the Office or Lose Money

( – Working from home became a necessity during the pandemic. Corporations needed employees to work, and workers needed to find a way to continue to receive a paycheck. The restrictions implemented during the pandemic have been gone for almost two years now, but employees have decided they prefer working from home. Corporations are realizing, much to their chagrin, their workers do not intend to return to the daily grind of being present in the corporate office.

The work from home culture war is a global issue. Banks such as Citi, Lloyds and HSBC are diligently trying to get workers back into their offices. Citi has informed employees in the U.S. and the UK that their office attendance will be tracked. Employees are required to be physically present at their office at least three days per week and to work remotely for two days each week.

Citi offices in London, Edinburgh and Belfast are being monitored for employee attendance by tracking swipes from employee access passes. Employees have been warned that if they do not meet the attendance requirements they could face financial penalties, such as losing a bonus.

Corporate bosses and employees seem to disagree on matters of productivity. Corporate bosses believe remote work presents too many distractions, therefore hindering productivity. Employees state the opposite, saying they are more productive without having to endure lengthy and sometimes dangerous commutes. Workers also claim to have fewer distractions when working from home because they don’t have to interact with distracting co-workers.

As of July 2023, only about 60% of white-collar workers had returned to the office full time. Millions more are returning to the office 2-3 days per week creating a Tuesday-Thursday work week, while many are continuing to work only remotely. Many workers have threatened to quit their jobs if forced to return to the office even in a hybrid manner. It is unclear how many are sincere and how many may be bluffing.

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