Civil Rights Groups Gather to Fight Possible TikTok Ban

( – A group of civil rights and racial justice groups have gathered to fight the potential ban on TikTok.

The Asian American Federation, Asian Americans Advancing Justice Southern California, Calos Coalition, and Hispanic Heritage Foundation are a few of the thirteen groups that have banded together to stop the ban on TikTok. The main argument from the groups is that the app is an essential platform for people of color.

Lawyers from the firm Cooley LLP, which are representing the groups, wrote a statement saying, “TikTok is a modern-day digital town square that empowers diverse communities, often neglected by traditional media outlets, to share their underrepresented voices with people across America and the world.”

President Joe Biden put in place the Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act, the purpose of which was to make businesses like TikTok unavailable to users in the United States. The agreement states that the owner, ByteDance, must sell the business to a United States-owned business or it would be banned from the U.S.

ByteDance filed a lawsuit against the ruling and the non-profit groups are in support of ByteDance’s lawsuit. Supporters of the company’s lawsuit have argued that banning the app would go against the First Amendment rights of citizens. They’ve said it’s unconstitutional and they have “grave concerns about anti-Asian animus undergirding the TikTok Ban.”

Cooley’s lawyers wrote, “The TikTok Ban imposes an unprecedented prior restraint on free speech, silencing countless voices, while also discriminating on content and viewpoint.”

The president and officials have stated that it’s necessary to restrict the app due to privacy and security concerns with it being a Chinese-owned app that collects data from United States citizens.

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