CNN Admits Biden Got Steamrolled By China

CNN Admits Biden Got Steamrolled By China

( – CNN anchor Jim Sciutto said that “there was an almost scolding tone” by Chinese officials when talking to Secretary of State Antony Blinken during his diplomatic trip to China.

CNN, a network that conservatives have routinely hounded for being biased toward the Biden administration, made the shocking admission on Monday, June 19, the Western Journal reported.

Blinken’s diplomatic trip to China garnered positive headlines from NPR, which stated that the trip “clears a diplomatic path.” Reuters also treated the Biden administration to a positive headline, saying Blinken and Xi agreed to “stabilize US-China relations.”

Sciutto, however, gave a surprisingly critical tone rarely seen from CNN. Sciutto noted Chinese President Xi Jinping’s remarks to Blinken, who said he hopes the U.S. “will do more to improve the relationship.”

Sciutto said that this “scolding tone” clearly puts the “onus” on the Biden administration, which may imply China’s lack of respect for current American efforts in diplomacy, as well as the Chinese belief that the U.S. is to blame for the escalation in bad relations between the two countries.

However, Sciutto did round out his negative tone by saying that the meeting was “progress” from where the state of U.S.-China relations were “a few weeks ago,” noting a previous visit that was canceled in the wake of the Chinese spy balloon that traveled throughout the continental U.S. until American military forces later shot it down.

The news comes as China is finalizing its plan to station troops in Cuba, only 100 miles from the American mainland, the Western Journal reported. The stationing of troops in Cuba would come with a military training facility in the region. The Biden administration is attempting to persuade Cuba to back out of the deal, so far to no avail.

The initiative is part of China’s “Project 141” campaign, which aims to establish Chinese military installations worldwide.

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