Controversial Superintendent Enters CA Gubernatorial Race

( – The K-12 superintendent of California, who previously tweeted support for keeping students’ gender changes secret, has declared his candidacy for governor.

Tony Thurmond, the California State Superintendent of Public Instruction, declared his candidacy for governor through X (formerly Twitter) with a video outlining his policy platform, which includes increasing salaries and tackling issues like education, climate change, and homelessness.

He claimed that California is functioning for the wealthy, but for the rest of California, it requires genuine change, and that’s why he is running for governor.

Thurmond opposed a policy that would notify parents if their kid sought to change their gender during a July board meeting for the Chino Valley Unified School District. As of July, the school district’s parents will be notified by the school if their kid expresses interest in a gender transition.

The Chino Valley Unified School District passed a policy 4-1 that mandates teachers and other school staff notify parents within three days if their child wants to use a pronoun other than their legal name or uses pronouns that differ from their biological gender.

Republican Bill Essayli, from the California Assembly, co-wrote and submitted the bill that month. According to the bill’s language, parents must be notified if their child is accessing gender-segregated school programs and activities or using toilets that do not correspond with their biological sex.

Thurmond warned at the July session that alerting parents that their kid wishes to be identified as another gender may go outside the regulations that protect privacy and that the new policy would put the pupils in danger.

As the discussion progressed, he was eventually asked to leave and ushered out of the room.

According to the official website of the State Department of Education, Thurmond assumed the role of superintendent in 2019. Before joining the Richmond City Council, he held positions in the California State Assembly and the West Contra Costa Unified School Board.

Current California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) will be termed out in 2027.

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