Corrupt Officers in Tijuana Killed by Cartel

( – A group of incensed drug lords in Tijuana, Mexico, set out to find the corrupt police officers responsible for the theft of a narcotics shipment.

According to Mexican prosecutors, two of the cops who were wanted for the crime have been slain. According to the city’s previous police chief, at least three additional cops have also been shot, indicating that the cartel that was thought to be in possession of the cocaine may have initiated a widespread retaliation.

It seems the cartel knew who committed the theft immediately.

A report shows most murders happen in Tijuana. With a population of more than 2.1 million and located in the state of Baja, California, Tijuana has been seeing about 2,000 homicides each year for many years.

Prosecutors say a half-dozen Tijuana municipal and provincial police officers planned to steal a large cocaine shipment from a warehouse in mid-November. Video showed the police pickup leaving the facility with large, plastic-wrapped cocaine bundles.

Former Tijuana Chief of Police Alberto Capella told investigative reporters that the Sinaloa cartel, led by drug lord Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada, was likely the most powerful gang in town.

State Prosecutor Maria Elena Andrade acknowledged that three state detectives and the same number of Tijuana municipal police were under investigation. On Nov. 18, hours after the robbery, gunmen sprayed the Tijuana federal prosecutors’ office with gunfire. One of the police officers accused of the crime was shot and killed on a Tijuana street an hour later.

Additionally, a state investigator under investigation for theft was shot and killed while at a gas station on Nov. 27.

There was another shooting in Mexico City that murdered two police officers who were being investigated for corruption; the motive for the shooting is unclear, although it may have been gang-related vengeance.

One officer was given an opportunity to participate in the state’s witness protection program, but he turned it down. Three more police officers were murdered in the time following the theft.

Meanwhile, an investigation indicates that Americans have been aiding Mexican drug gangs in their smuggling of a large stockpile of weaponry, including military-grade weapons, out of the United States. According to Chris Demlein, a former senior special agent with the ATF, the US has enabled the cartels to gather an army.

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