Countries Concerned Over Fentanyl Trafficking

( – According to sources, the United States and China are both looking into how to control narcotics trafficking, specifically related to Fentanyl. This is the first time the two countries have come together to work on a project together since tensions have escalated between them.

China and the United States have come up with a joint anti-narcotics group that would help to control the distribution and production of Fentanyl.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Joe Biden recently met at a Summit in November where they spoke about joining in together to help stop the production of chemicals that are used to make Fentanyl.

Fentanyl is a very addictive synthetic opioid that has become a huge issue across the globe since it’s also highly dangerous, 50 times the strength of heroin. The United States is claiming that China is the main country that produces the chemicals used to make Fentanyl, however, China has denied these claims.

Wang Xiaohong, China’s minister of public security, stated “We had in-depth communication and were pragmatic. We reached a common understanding on the work plan for the working group.”

According to the CDC, or the Center for Disease Control, there have been over 100,000 deaths related to drug overdoses in the United States. It’s also said that over 80,000 of those deaths were from opioid overdoses.

“Our cooperation once again shows that the China-US relationship gains from cooperation and loses from confrontation,” Wang said.

The US Drug Enforcement Agency, or the DEA, has stated before that “the main source for all fentanyl-related substances trafficked into the United States” is China.

With difficult relations, many hope these two countries can put their differences aside and come together to help combat an issue that many countries throughout the globe have been struggling with.

The start of this change began in October when Washington imposed sanctions on many different Chinese companies and individuals that they claim are involved in the production or distribution of Fentanyl. Although this is a huge deal, Beijing is denying the claims that they are involved or that China is a main producer of Fentanyl chemicals.

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