COVID School Closures Had Bigger Impact Than We Thought?!

( – An attorney brought up concerns regarding how school closings during the pandemic affected students of color.

An attorney in California has brought legal action upon the state of California for “learning loss” and the effects that moving to virtual learning had on some students, particularly students of color and low-income students.

Michael A. Jacobs, an attorney from Morrison Foerster, spoke out saying “Our challenge to the state was, basically, look, the pandemic happened. You shoveled money to the school districts and said, go teach. And, we felt that and argued that that was insufficient and documented that that was insufficient.”

He continued to give more details on their stance by saying, “The schools shut down. Remote learning launches. And the districts, in a sense, just assume that everybody has a quiet place to learn remotely on a computer that works with a high-speed internet connection, so it’s not breaking down all the time. And that’s just not the case for low-income students, students of color.”

Almost all California schools were locked down and students were moved to a virtual learning program instead where they would be taking classes and courses online. This was the case for the majority of the beginning of COVID-19.

The settlement verdict is that the state of California will pay $2 billion to help students recover from learning loss. This settlement is noted to be the largest education-based settlement in the United States.

The legal case proved that California did not “ensure access to digital connectivity and devices” and they didn’t give “necessary academic and social-emotional support, forcing families to navigate a lengthy period of remote instruction with little support.”

Many parents said that their kids didn’t learn anything and that they had difficulties with the internet at times too making things difficult. Overall, the goal of this settlement is to ensure that the students who need the help, get the help that they need.

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